(poetry/song) Susanna « Elevation »

2022 Susanna ft. Delphine Dora & Stina Stjern ELEVATION – album around Baudelaire’s poetry (french/english)


Susanna announces new album Elevation, a follow-up to 2020’s Baudelaire & Piano.

In Elevation, Susanna’s engagement with Baudelaire’s work blossoms into a collaborative enterprise, combining tape, spoken word and song. The result is a unique musical conversation spanning centuries and disciplines; a “time travelling” project, as Susanna puts it, that moves between creative dimensions. 

Susanna brings collaborators back into the process, nurturing connections made over a series of Baudelaire & Piano live shows presented in 2020 and 2021. Composer-improviser Delphine Dora offers teasing renditions of the original French texts, layering spoken recitation and otherworldly singing in a set of atmospheric vignettes. And tape recorder soundscapes from Stina Stjern—familiar from Susanna’s Hieronymous Bosch project Garden of Earthly Delights (2019)—frame the album with hiss, hum and soft fingers of melody, like mist settling on a landscape.

These contributions deepen the album’s mystery and its evocative power. The result is an engrossing interleaving of sounds and registers; and, as Susanna describes it, “an intuitive and collective ceremony of the ethereal and mystical in life.”

Norwegian artist Susanna released her highly acclaimed interpretations of poetry from ‘The Flowers of Evil’ by Charles Baudelaire called ‘Elevation’ in April, together with curated music by Stina Stjern and Delphine Dora. The album was a follow up to 2020’s ‘Baudelaire & Piano’ and now Susanna is releasing the collaborative EP ‘Elevation Extended’ due out Sept 9th via her label SusannaSonata. The record features new music and a gorgeous new version of the title track, all recorded with Susanna, Stina Stjern and French artist Delphine Dora.

Susanna – vocals, piano and effects 
Stina Stjern – tape recorders and effects 
Delphine Dora – mellotron, vocals and piano 

Music by Susanna, Stina Stjern and Delphine Dora 
Recorded in Oslo, Norway 2022 by Ingar Hunskaar 
Mixed and mastered at Audio Virus LAB by Helge Sten 

Released at SusannaSonata 9th of September 2022