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A few selection

Soleil Rouge Mix (2022)

  • Annea Lockwood, ‘Immersion’ from Tiger Balm / Amazonia Dreaming / Immersion, (Black Truffle, 2017)
  • Alexandra Spence, ‘7 walking she heard the fluttering’ from Waking, she heard the fluttering, (Room 40, 2019)
  • Mary Jane Leech, ‘Green Mountain Madrigal’ from Celestial Fires (Experimental Intermedia Foundation, 1993)
  • Zeena Parkins, ‘Determined’ from Three harps, Tuning Forks & Electronics (Good Child Music, 2017)
  • Roxane Métayer, ‘Mille Pics’ from Eclipse des Ocelles (Morc, 2021)
  • Judith Hamann, ‘humming suite V’ from Music for cello and humming (Blank Form Editions, 2020)
  • Lindsay Cooper, ‘Torn Away’ from Music for other occasions (1986)
  • Golem Mecanique, ‘Urizen’from Oracle (bandcamp, 2021)

New New World Radio (2021)

Delphine Dora selects modern composition, bizarre pop music, out rock, and tons of unclassifiable treasures in her guest mix for NNW Radio.

  1. Daniela Casa — Avventura (2014, Sovrapposizione Di Immagini)
  2. Arthur Verocai — Sylvia (1972, Arthur Verocai)
  3. The Invisible Hands — Black Blood (2013, The Invisible Hands)
  4. News From Babel — Moss (1986, Letters Home)
  5. Michael Pisaro — Silent Cloud (2013, Tombstones)
  6. Peter Sculthorpe — Night Pieces, for Piano – stars (1971, Piano Music)
  7. Eric Thielemans — Prire, Erik Satie (2012, EARR plays A Snare is a bell)
  8. Ennio Morricone — Le Foto Proibite Di Una Signora Per Bene (1970, Mondo Morricone)
  9. Y Dyniadon Ynyfd Hirfelyn Tesog — Cwmwl Gwym (2005, Welsh Rare Beat)
  10. Viv Corringham & Peter Cusak — Hasretim Yavruma (2000, Operet)
  11. Mandy More — Come With Me To Jesus (1972, But That Is Me)
  12. Cat’s Eye — Carpenter Arrival (2015, The Duke of Burgundy OST)
  13. Jacobus De Kerle — Missa Pro Defunctis : Requiem Aeternam (2005, Da Pacem Domine, Messes & Motet)
  14. Music Of Vietnam — Xoe Folk Dance Of Thai People (1965, Music of Vietnam)
  15. Arthur Russell — Iowa Dream (2019, Iowa Dream)
  16. Annea Lockwood — Vibrating Pane (1970, Glass World of Annea Lockwood)
  17. Sun Ra — Plutonium Nights (Angels and Demons at Play)
  18. Tom Fazzini — Smokescreen (1984, Neck To Neck)
  19. The Great Society with Grace Slick — White Rabbit (1968, Conspicuous Only in its Absence)
  20. Eyvind Kang — Repetito (2007, Athlantis)
  21. Gurdjieff / de Hartmann — The Struggle of the Magicians (VA/ I Am The Center 1950-1990)
  22. J. Jasmine — Broke and Blue (2018, My New Music)
  23. Graham Lambkin — Community (2016, Community)
  24. Flaming Tunes — Generous Moon (1985, Flaming Tunes)
  25. Traditional Japanese Music — Chidori (Japanese Geisha Music)
  26. Hermine — I Won’t Make It Without You (1982, The World On My Plate Bis)
  27. John Schneider — Suite #2 : A Waltz for Evelyn Hinrichsen (2008, Por Gitaro)
  28. Ghedalia Tazartes — Malina (1997, voyage à L’ombre)
  29. Krotz Struder & Julien Grandjean — Trapped (2021, Proprio Motus)
  30. Lech Jankowski — Introdujka Liliowa (1998, Institute Benjamenta)
  31. Maria Tanase — Lung II Drumul Gorjului (Maria Tanase vol. 1)
  32. Natalia Beylis — Sale, Morroco, Pt 1 (2020, Love In A Mist, Edible)
  33. Fovea Hex — The Given Heat (2019, The Salt Garden)
  34. Zabelle Panosian — Groung (Crane) (1917, Canary Records 5 Year Anniversary)

Freakzone Playlist BBC (2020)

1. Delphine Dora, Songe
2. Slapp Happy- Casablanca Moon
3. Daniel O’Sullivan – Under The Knife
4. Ann Peebles – I’m gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down
5. Gil Scott-Heron – The revolution will not be televised
6. Bona Dish – 8 am
7. Lindsay Cooper – Windscale
8. Maja S.K Ratkje – Jeg fornemmer mine sko som en sagte susende tone…
9. Graham Lambkin – Intro
10. Cathy Berberian – Anon
11. Mike Cooper / Viv Corringham – White Powder
12. Walter Wegmüller – Der Hohepriester
13. Easley Blackwood – Twelve Microtonal Etudes for electronic Music
14. Dory Previn – The Empress of China
15. Love –  Old Man
16. The Shangri La’s – Past, Present, and Future
17. Christopher Tophill – The Song of the shadows
18. Alejandro Jodorowski – Eye of the beholder
19. Psychic TV- Just Drifting
20. Delphine Dora – Métamorphose déracinée
21. Susan Alcorn – Twin Beams

L’affinité des sols mix (2020)

  1. Louise Landes Levi – Part V
  2. Jackie McDowell – Hats off to (Hal) Borland
  3. Anahita – Spiral Of Ulmaria
  4. Natalie Rose Lebrecht – Lost
  5. Spires That In The Sunset Rise – Let The Crows Fly
  6. Collie Ryan – Prairie Day Lady
  7. Brannten Schnüre – Blut Auf Der Gosbertsteige
  8. Current 93 – When The May Rain Comes
  9. Sam McLoughlin & Bridget Hayden – Pluto
  10. Kathleen Baird – With Which These Waters swarm
  11. Fursaxa – Desiree
  12. Emmanuelle Parrenin – Maison Rose
  13. Aine O’Dwyer – Knownunknown
  14. Sylvia Hallett – White Fog
  15. Lau Nau – Keinu Taipuu Alla
  16. Magpahi – six songs (extract)
  17. Meredith Monk – Quarry Lullaby
  18. Josephine Foster – The Peak Of Paradise

Kit Mix #102 (2015)

  • Francis Plagne – Yesterday Sponge (Tenth Volume of Naps, Lost & Lonesome, 2011)
    I discovered this Australian songwriter first through his appearance on Andrew Chalk’s Painted Screens. I then discovered his Food Court collab project (a trio including some of the great experimental musicians from Australia: Joe Talia, James Rushford and Plagne), with their curious and stunning interpretation of Solage’s ‘Fumeux Fume Par Fumme’. I then found his solo album which includes ‘Yesterday Sponge’. The construction of the song is completely genuine, starting with a curious concrete music passage and strange cuts of orchestral and experimental/free jazz/orchestral in between, before ending wonderfully. And in the middle the perfect pop song that could have been just average without this construction. His music reminds me of Julia Holter’s pop, with its post-modern aspects and challenging ideas.
  • Frisk Frugt – Fugens Flugt (Den Europæiske Spejlbue, Tambourhinoceros, 2015)
    Another geniune construction of pop music with orchestral arrangements, sung with a danish accent!
  • Weyes Blood – Maybe Love (Cardemon Times, Mexican Summer, 2015)
    A pure classic, could have been recorded in the ’70s! And what a voice!
  • Graham Lambkin – Attersaye (Abersayne / Attersaye, KYE, 2013)
    Strange and weird folk and another side of Graham Lambkin, more known for his sound art and collage works. This ballad sounds like nothing else.
  • Che-Shizu – Mariam Matrem (A Journey, PSF, 1994)
    One of my favorite Japanese bands, an underground group from the ’80s-90s, led by Chie Mukai, the vocalist and er-hu player. This sounds like a cross between The Velvet Underground and The Raincoats in Japanese.
  • Jacques Thollot – Mahagony Extraits (Quand le Son Devient Aigu, Jeter la Girafe à la Mer, Futura, 1971).
    This track comes from the unclassifiable album Quand le Son Devient Aigu, a really adventurous record from the French underground that is now cult.
  • Emmanuelle Parrenin, Phil Fromont, Claude LeFebvre – Berceuse Pour Rosemary (Château dans les Nuages, Cezame, 1976)
    Another musician from the cult underground but more rooted in the folk and traditionnal repertoire. She’s currently active and I’ve been lucky to meet and make some music with her recently.
  • Nara Leao – Vou Por Ai (Dez Anos Depois, Polydor, 1971)
    Brazilian music is so rich. There are so many jewels. I’ve chosen this ballad because I love its quietness and melancholy. This song was recorded in 1971 and is really reminiscent of the mood and colour of a French album I really like, La Question by Françoise Hardy, recorded the same year and really influenced by Brazilian music. Both albums were been arranged and accompanied by the guitarist Tuca.
  • Takahashi Mizutani – L’aube (Mizutani ’70, Rivista, 1991)
    This is a quieter song and an unusual side of the leader of Japanese band Rallizes Dénudés, who are mainly known for their long, bruitish and noisy feedback on guitars.
  • Kara-Lis Coverdale – Circles, Apparitions (Tryptich I, self-released, 2012)
    A canadian composer and electronic musician, more known for her collaboration with Tim Hecker. She’s also a talented pianist and released a magnificent EP of piano pieces on her bandcamp that are very Satie reminiscent.
  • Johannes Ockheghem – Offertorium (Requiem, Harmonia Mundi, 2007)
    I’ve been listening recently to a lot of sacred music and polyphony. Sometimes I can listen this kind of music forever. I love music that is transcendental and that puts me in high state of consciousness.