(Noise/Experimental) Conatus


Conatus is a duo composed by Delphine Dora and Žils Deless-Vēliņš (Lunt).
Both have been knowing each other for a long time, and were involved in musical activities. Both Dora and Deless feed on different sources of art such as philosophy, poetry, language and musical currents, combining them with the physical spatiality, the environment and the materiality of the sound. Conatus is a reference to Spinoza philosophy. Our music tries to create a dynamic of growth and becoming (Heraclite, Deleuze) with a strong dialectic process. Atmospheric layers of raw sounds and Deles ‘drones, and drums, match with Dora’s post-jazz piano lines, and minimalistic contemporary classical patterns. Closest musical reference could be Gastr Del Sol, some SYR albums or some japan noise. Result is this idiosyncratic mix of experiments and meditative atmospheres, where melancholic silent spaces cross with wild mineral sounds.

Conatus’ music has unexpected forms, from classical to avant-garde, from silence to moments of tension.