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Delphine Dora & Mocke – Le corps défendant (Okraïna, 2017)

Présentation en français :

Presentation in english :

Album can be listened/purchased : bandcamp

Clouds Once Before Molten Rock – Live in Alsager 2016 (Wild Silence)


an ensemble improvisation by Stuart Arnot / Sophie Cooper / Delphine Dora / Andy Jarvis / Kelly Jayne Jones / Joincey / Mike de Oliveira

Stuart Arnot – trumpet, walkman
Sophie Cooper – trombone, electronics, vocals
Delphine Dora – vocals, computer, MIDI keyboard, percussions, electronics
Andy Jarvis – violin, percussion, vocals, tapes
Kelly Jayne Jones – flute, singing bowls, rocks
Joincey – snare drums, bells, dictaphone
Mika de Oliveira – cello, percussion, koto, flute, vocals

Album can be purchased here : bandcamp

Delphine Dora & Sophie Cooper – Think Away (Was Ist Das ?)


After the huge success of the duo’s first collaboration [2015’s « Distance Future »], we are delighted to be bringing you their second, « Think Away ». While the first album was recording in a big church, this one has a small cellar feel, all intimate atmospheres and subtle details. It’s the night to the first albums day, with hints of melancholy and darkness, crossing points ranging from Charalambides and United Bible Studies to John Cage and Jerry Goldsmith.

Album can be listened/download/purchased : bandcamp

Delphine Dora & Sophie Cooper – Distance Future (Was Ist Das ?, 2015)


This is edited together from the highlights of a very creative session that Sophie Cooper and Delphine Dora had in the perfect setting of Todmorden Unitarian Church. This is their first collaboration, although Delphine put out Sophie’s stunning solo album “Our Aquarius” last year on her own excellent Wild Silence label. They also both appeared separately on Richard Moult’s album “Last Night I Dreamt of Hibrihteselle”. Put all these previous works out of you mind, though, as this is something very different. Different to most things. Sophie and Delphine are caught here carrying out primal improvisations utilising the profound acoustics of this historic chapel. If you caught any of the unplugged sets at Tor Ist Das! Festival that just used the building’s acoustics then you will know what the building is capable of but with just two people in there, it sounds even more spacious, more infinite. Their tools are a trombone, percussion, electronics, organ and their wordless voices.

Album can be download/listened : bandcamp

Eloïse Decazes / Delphine Dora – Folk Songs Cycle (Okraïna, 2015)


Folk Songs (1964) is a cycle of traditional songs (or songs of folk inspiration) from various countries collected and arranged (or composed) by the Italian composer Luciano Berio for his wife, American singer Cathy Berberian. Almost fifty years later, Éloise Decazes & Delphine Dora took the liberty to re-record them their own way.

Face A

1- Black is the Color (of my True Love’s Hair) – trad. États-Unis + arr. John Jacob Niles
2- I Wonder as I Wander – trad. États-Unis + arr. John Jacob Niles
3- Loosin Yelav – trad. Arménie
4- Rossignolet du bois – trad. France
5- A la femminisca – trad. Sicile
6- La Donna Ideale – comp. Luciano Berio d’après un poème trad. Italie

Face B

1- Ballo – comp. Luciano Berio d’après un poème trad. Italie
2- Motettu de tristura – trad. Sardaigne
3- Malourous qu’o uno fenno – trad. Auvergne + arr. Joseph Canteloube
4- La Fiolairé – trad. Auvergne + arr. Joseph Canteloube
5- Azerbaidjan Love Song – trad. Azerbaidjan

Album can be purchased/listened : bandcamp

Delphine Dora, Paulo Chagas, Bruno Duplant – Onion Petals As Candle Light (Wild Silence, 2012)

« Have you ever heard of Delphine Dora? French piano player born in 1980? Probably not. She’s a singer songwriter and improvisor, and this should be her thirteenth album so far. Yet no singer songwriter stuff on this album, … or no,  I should say it differently: this music captures the essence of good songs but without the vocals. Each of the ten pieces is self-contained, short and with a precise character and sound, which is gentle yet profound, full of intimate lyricism and beauty. Her companions in gentleness are Paulo Chagas on clarinets and Bruno Duplant on bass, two musicians whom I’ve written favorably about before. All three are in the same storytelling mode, full of vulnerable emotions and precise phrasing, and with sufficient sense of contrasts to keep the attention going. Notes are used sparingly, but to great effect. Listen for yourself. I can only hope to hear more from this trio soon. » (Stef for Free Jazz, ****)

Album can be listened/download/purchased : bandcamp

Delphine Dora & Half Asleep – You’re Not Mad, You’re Just Lonely (We Are Unique Records – 2012)

you're not mad

You’re not mad, you’re just lonely is a full-length recording from the duo Delphine Dora & Half Asleep. Together, the French and Belgian musicians crafted an album of startling pop songs, with classical, experimental and contemporary influences, taking an obvious pleasure in their collaboration while seeking to push forward the boundaries of their respective universes. During the session, they invoked the literary spectres of playwright Sarah Kane, writer Janet Frame, famous wife and letter-writer Zelda Fitzgerald, or of Beckett’s fictional character Molloy… The result is a spontaneous and somewhat heterogeneous collection of songs centred on the piano and vocal, and that will take the listener to a variety of enchanted, amusing or terrifying places.

Album to listen/download : Bandcamp


Les Loustics – Les squelettes (2011)


LES LOUSTICS is a musical project run by three children : Artense (7 years old), Lucie (9 years old) and Clement (12 years old) and conducted by two musicians (Delphine Dora and Dana Hilliot). Together, they improvised songs quickly in few hours in a very spontaneous way. It took only 3 afternoon sessions to record this album.

The texts were written by Sing Sing (aka Florian Cachera). Covers pictures by Benoît Guillaume.

Album for Free Download : FMA


Delphine Dora & Harps Of Fuschia Kalmia – Devenir Animal & Pantomima Terrestre (2009)


Delphine Dora at voice, piano & casiotone,

Harps of Fuchsia Kalmia at Tampura Swarmanthal, Harmonium, Resonant, Ukulele, Dulcimer, Zither, Balalaika, Sansula, Shruti Box and Israj.

Harps of Fuchsia Kalmia is the new weird-folk, avant-folk forest-music project of Salvatore Borrelli (etre, wondrous horse); the music is made in a direct way, without processing or any other disturbance. Here he is joined by delphine dora, who adds her honey sweet voice and piano to this already captivating set of sounds. A perfect collage of traditional folk, field recordings, organic drones and percussion. sluggish dulcimer & guitar plucks crescendo beneath the drone of the harmonium. uniquely improvisational and experimental without loosing its familiarity, there’s only one way to discover this world. press play. )

« a perfect collage of traditional folk, field recordings, organic drones and percussion. Delphine’s airy vocals mingle with the drum beats, space sounds and radio static. birds chirp, dogs bark, cars drive by, and records spin backwards. luggish dulcimer & guitar plucks crescendo beneath the drone of the harmonium. uniquely improvisational and experimental without loosing its familiarity, there’s only one way to discover this world. press play. If your into Caethua, Vapaa, nnck, Nalle, Islaja, and any other trippy explorations of italy, Finland and forest spirits everywhere, this tape will not disappoint. »

Albums for free download here

Dora’li – Saeglin (Young Girls Record- 2008)


Dora’li is the musical collaboration between delphine dora and ‘li. It’s an improvisation project which consists mainly on our two voices together, and our 4 hands playing the piano. Sometimes, delphine plays the piano, while ‘li sings. Sometimes, it’s the contrary. SÆIEGLÎ:N , our first record, is the result of three afternoon of improvisations (between february and april 2007). Vocalizations between whispers and shout, wordless and imaginary langage, avant-garde piano playing and ethnic primitive sounds: it’s almost what you can hear in this adventurous and free record which explore the different sides of voice and musical exploration.

Album for free download here (+ unreleased Tracks) : FMA


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