(Chamber folk/ensemble) L’inattingible


There are two things new about Delphine Dora‘s latest album first up, it’s sung entirely in French for the first time but secondly adds several other instruments to the previous keyboard lines. These include musical saw, violin, viola and (dare we say saxophone) to provide a rich musical palette that draws on folk, ambient and chamber music. It’s a bold record with all kinds of guest stars leading to an improvised experimental sprawl of a record.

« l’Inattingible » in Top 10 albums of the decade (2010-2020) by Julia Holter. 

« L’inattingible, is arguably her most ambitious and highly orchestrated statement yet, marking a major creative leap forward for her as a songwriter and composer. It’s one of our favorite albums of 2020 so far. »
David Perron, Free Form Freakout

« (…) L’Inattingible has the feel of a big statement – for starters, Dora has taken collaboration much further than in the past and the cast of contributors is extensive. The fourteen contributors include vocalists Jackie McDowell, Laura Naukkarinen and Caity Shaffer, several multi-instrumentalists including Gayle Brogan on e-bowed zither, guitar, hammered dulcimer and aeolian chimes, and she’s even integrated Québecquois duo Le Fruit Vert. Those familiar with Dora’s work will know about the melodically and emotionally indeterminate spaces she inhabits but there’s plenty that is new here: she sings entirely in French for the first time, and the process of crafting (writing and editing) the 21 pieces has been more involved than the spontaneous approach she has previously favoured. Without becoming overburdened, Dora’s voice and piano are richly embellished – the gorgeous ‘Loin’ floats on a bed of keyboard, strings, flute and a gathering cloud of vocals, while the brief ‘Métamorphose Déracinée’ brings together spoken word, distant, beguiling oboe, running water, piano and creaking, fluttering and rattling noises. Each track is like another glimpse into an abandoned ornamental garden; vegetation grown wild, water still flowing through cracked fountains, echoes of voices carried on the breeze. » 
David McKenna, The Quietus 

« Exciting and varied record at the intersection of new music, pop / chanson and post rock. A fascinating melting pot / collage of instruments, acoustic sounds, vocals and electronics. It varies between song- and melody-based pieces and more abstract new music. It feels organic and improvised, and it is often vibrant and beautiful. Released in February on Three: Four Records. » 
Oslo Public Library Music Blog – Best album of 2020 

Delphine Dora – piano, keyboards, vocals, field recordings, noises, stones
Aby Vulliamy – viola, accordion, recorder, musical saw
Paulo Chagas -bass clarinet, soprano clarinet, oboe, flute
Valérie Leclercq – flute, cymbal, percussion, tom drum, vocals
Adam Cadell – violin
Gayle Brogan – guitar (e-bow), zither (e-bow), stones, hammered dulcimer, violin, aeolian chimes (a sculpture by Fiona Sanderson)
Susan Matthews – harmonium, bass guitar, prepared piano
Le fruit vert (Andrea-Jane Cornell & Marie-Douce St-Jacques) – percussions, stones, analog synthesizer
Caity Shaffer – vocals
Taralie Peterson – saxophone, cello, zither, vocals
Sylvia Hallett – bicycle wheel, noises, hurdy gurdy, bowl, musical saw
Laura Naukkarinen – vocals
Tom James Scott – piano
Jackie McDowell – vocals

Songs and music composed, performed, recorded, edited, mixed, produced by Delphine Dora
Lyrics by Delphine Dora except Songe by Pierre-Jean Jouve
Arrangements written by and recorded by Delphine Dora and all the musicians
Music and arrangements recorded between august and december 2018 in different locations (France, UK, Belgium, Portugal, USA, Canada, Australia, La Gomera)
Tracklist by Delphine Dora and Maxime Guitton
Mastering by Julien Grandjean
Art direction by Delphine Dora
Artwork by Marie-Douce St-Jacques
Layout by Marie Tourigny