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Delphine Dora : music, all instruments, vocals, recording, mixing

Recorded between February – April 2014

Mixed between November – December 2014 Final

mixing and Mastered by Ernst Van der Loo in January 2015


« After losing their candles to spirit, three branches separate from the candelabra and huddle in the still of a recluse’s night. Each branch points listlessly towards the next… tiny embellishments in the shadow light. Along the trail, intersecting limbs and knotting joints inflame the glass. Rises in Dora’s voice hit harder against the glass and cause the bloated pot to boil over into a salon-style shadow box, filled with melodic contrasts and colors, items specifically found along trails carved a few miles past the carriage houses of Debussy and Satie. The candles go romancing in background mattes of rural Pennsylvania and red Mars. » (http://www.tinymixtapes.com/chocolate-grinder/listen-delphine-dora-notan)

« Really enjoyed your new disc. Actually my favourite of all your releases. Certainly the hardest to describe. I particularly like is lightness and looseness. Very natural and weightless. I think your vocals are particularly beautiful given a bit more space. »
It is like being trapped in a washing machine with your favourite few songs; both hypnotic and disorientating. As the memories slosh around so regret mixes with the better times. Despite being the most experimental of Delphine’s releases it is also the most open and accessible. A weightless picture-book made of magical sounds. Her voice sweeps like a hand makes a loose knot on the ground. The language of her earlier poetry has been unravelled, but what is left is something ethereal and altogether more enlightened. It sounds like a nightmarish take on traditional, ritual folk. Each listen is different – like the responsibility is slowly passed. Multi-tracked vocals are bedded in an organic mix of texture and time; flutes question, strings answer and guitars sound like something that will always be chased. There might even be a harpsicord tapping into fifties sci-fi fears of robots invading. Even the field recordings have me nervously looking behind. And yet everything is held loosely in the arms and charms of a beautiful piano. The breathing rhythm rises and falls within the improvisation and you can’t but fall in step and join in. A bit of dissonance brings a darkness to the play. No-one sounds like Delphine, and now she sounds even better. » (Paul Garcia, http://my-friend-red.tumblr.com/)

Here are some press reviews for the record :

ATTN : Magazine

200 Words – The OutDoor (by Marc Masters)

And a small interview I did for The Quietus :


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