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Persona – 30 July 2007

Last july, i’ve made with my friends Valérie Leclercq (Half Asleep) and the flutist Thomas Vatant-Antonelli a new musical project based on imaginary soundtrack. Here is one extract :

Delphine Dora: piano, noises
Thomas Vatant-Antonelli: flute, noises
Valérie Leclercq : noises

From the upcoming
Demo Reel_1 (Soundtrack): Bibi Andersson
First release from the series « 30 July 2007 »

“Demo Reel_1 (Soundtrack): Bibi Andersson” is the product of a three-day improv summer session that brought together in beautiful central France flutist Thomas Vatant-Antonelli, pianist/improviser/songwriter Delphine Dora & songwriter Valérie Leclercq (half asleep). If you pay attention, you will hear flies buzzing in the microphones and Delphine’s dog barking with excitement. The general atmosphere of the pieces, however, is darker and moodier. If you have a closer look at the selected scenes, you will understand why. The latter show Bibi Andersson’s various characters letting someone cut their feet on broken glass, holding a convulsive man, incarnating the youthful memory of an old cousin or making love to someone who she has to kill in order to survive.

Par défaut

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