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Multitudes II

Recorded December 2012/January 2013.

In 2010, i’ve already made an album of songs based on Walt Whitman Poetry taken from « Leaves of Grass ». You can download « Multitudes » for free on FMA (Free Music Archive).

This time, i’ve taken extracts of « Leaves of Grass » i’ve never used on « Multitudes » and i’ve created completely new songs based on Whitman words. They’ve been recorded live on the moment, so they’re quite imperfect. But I wanted something more spontaneous and improvised.

« This isn’t Delphine Dora’s latest release. That can be found here, and is far better produced. It’s better mixed and better recorded, but I find the spontaneous improvisation on display here far more intriguing. Based on the poetry of Walt Whitman, Dora’s piano playing and strained vocals retain a certain child-like imperfection. Ofttimes they bounce and skip along long passages of lawn, and at others they seem to age, sighing and struggling to recite unsettled lines of constructed verse. They echo at points and seem swamped at others, overwhelmed by the Satie-inspired minimalism of her piano. Like a poem the tracks twist and change, exploring avenues of darkness and dappled light. It’s a wonderfully thoughtful probing of both Whitman’s poetry, and the uncertain fickleness of man. » (Music Dissection)

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