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Delphine Dora : music, all instruments, vocals, recording, mixing

Recorded between February – April 2014

Mixed between November – December 2014

Final mixing and Mastered by Ernst Van der Loo in January 2015

« After losing their candles to spirit, three branches separate from the candelabra and huddle in the still of a recluse’s night. Each branch points listlessly towards the next… tiny embellishments in the shadow light. Along the trail, intersecting limbs and knotting joints inflame the glass. Rises in Dora’s voice hit harder against the glass and cause the bloated pot to boil over into a salon-style shadow box, filled with melodic contrasts and colors, items specifically found along trails carved a few miles past the carriage houses of Debussy and Satie. The candles go romancing in background mattes of rural Pennsylvania and red Mars. »

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Participation au projet « Erik Satie et les nouveaux jeunes » (Arbouse Recordings)

J’ai contribué à trois titres sur cette très belle compilation en hommage à Erik Satie à l’initiative du label Arbouse Recordings. Le disque sera définitivement prêt courant février, il est en cours de fabrication. Soutenez le projet : Soyez SatiErik !

« Erik Satie et les nouveaux jeunes » version 2 (arbou041) _ BOX 3 CDs

CD1 : Library Tapes, Kyle Hawkins, Minotaur shock, Max Richter, Chessie, Danny Norbury, Julia Kent, ww.lowman, Akamatsu, Part Timer, Rachel Grimes, That Summer, Monokle, Sylvain Chauveau, Fred Longberg-Holm, Steve Peters
CD2 : Rafael Anton Irisarri & Goldmund, Pan American, Moinho, Hauschka, 0, Beatrice Martini & Robert Lippok, Peter Broderick, Rachel Grimes, The Boats, Astrïd, Eluvium, Dustin O’Halloran, Nils Frahm, Mr Potier, Steve Roden, Inlandsis
+ CD3 : with Joan Cambon, Delphine Dora, Susan Matthews, Carlos Cipa, François-Eudes Chanfrault, Rich Batsford, AG, James Warden (of Directions in music), KO cat , Sylvain Viguier (of Silent Whale Becomes A° Dream)
+ informations diverses (vidéos, textes,images by Léopold & autres…).

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Delphine Dora – Live @ Cafe OTO – July 2014 (excerpt)


22 min extract of solo performance for grand piano and voice @Cafe OTO (24th July 2014).

This Evening included also shows with Sophie Cooper (guitar, voice) and Aine O’Dwyer (harp, voice).


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UK SHOWS – July 2014


I’m very glad to annonce my first shows in the UK ever. Three dates not to miss !

- Wednesday 23th July 2014 : Railway @ Winchester
Delphine Dora / Sophie Cooper / Sebastian Hegarty / Joe Evans

- Thursday 24th July 2014 : Cafe Oto @ London
Delphine Dora / Sophie Cooper /
Aine O’Dwyer

- Saturday 26th July 2014 : Todmorden Unitarian Church @Todmorden, Tor Festival
Family Elan and guests Qawaal Party / United Bible Studies / Bear Bones Lay Low / Bridget Hayden / Delphine Dora / These Feathers Have Plumes / Kelly Jones & Pascal Nichols / Ben Reynolds / Lobster Priest / + installation by Helmut Lemke


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Tribute to Elodie Lauten (1950-2014)

Tribute to Elodie Lauten (1950-2014) by Delphinedora on Mixcloud



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Persona – 30 July 2007

Last july, i’ve made with my friends Valérie Leclercq (Half Asleep) and the flutist Thomas Vatant-Antonelli a new musical project based on imaginary soundtrack. Here is one extract :


Delphine Dora: piano, noises
Thomas Vatant-Antonelli: flute, noises
Valérie Leclercq : noises

From the upcoming
Demo Reel_1 (Soundtrack): Bibi Andersson
First release from the series « 30 July 2007″

“Demo Reel_1 (Soundtrack): Bibi Andersson” is the product of a three-day improv summer session that brought together in beautiful central France flutist Thomas Vatant-Antonelli, pianist/improviser/songwriter Delphine Dora & songwriter Valérie Leclercq (half asleep). If you pay attention, you will hear flies buzzing in the microphones and Delphine’s dog barking with excitement. The general atmosphere of the pieces, however, is darker and moodier. If you have a closer look at the selected scenes, you will understand why. The latter show Bibi Andersson’s various characters letting someone cut their feet on broken glass, holding a convulsive man, incarnating the youthful memory of an old cousin or making love to someone who she has to kill in order to survive.

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New Album : Inner Fields

Here is the new release : it’s a collaboration with Bruno Duplant (whom i’ve previously collaborated for our trio Dora/Duplant/Chagas). This time, it’s not free-jazz or free improvisation stuff but piano minimalist electro-acoustic pieces with field recordings processed. The album called «Inner Fields» (Wild Silence) is about inner landscapes…

It’s a limited edition CDr (50 editions only). You can purchase the new album here :


« (…) Sur les sept pièces et les quarante minutes que comptent le disque, les deux musiciens nouent une relation musicale particulièrement sensible en épousant les motifs de la musique classique moderne, du minimalisme ou de la musique électro-acoustique. Les tintements du piano de Delphine Dora figurent souvent comme une circulation à travers ces genres mais surtout à l’intérieur des tableaux sonores générés par son partenaire: sorte d’évènements picturaux (cris d’enfants dans une cours d’école, bruits de la pluie ou du vent léchant la surface de ressacs…etc) auxquels répondent sans cesse ses interventions, comme un commentaire sur le vif.(…) »

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